Expanding the Business

You have probably noticed already that I'm now selling clothing in addition to the jewelry I create.  As the business continues to grow I wanted to offer more at the locations and online.  One of my favorite brands is Umgee.  I love the fit, and the designs they have to offer, that's why I chose to start selling this brand.  If you visit one of the locations you will see bags, hats, accessories, and some home décor.  It's fun shopping for things to sell at the locations, and it doesn't hurt to have a variety.  

My spring shows will be starting up in a few weeks.  I'm busy getting inventory ready for the shows.  I can't wait to visit some familiar places, and I am super excited about the new places I get to take my jewelry.  Be sure to follow Heisey Jewelry on Facebook so you can see which events we will be at this year.  Hopefully I will be at one near you!  

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