New Website & Giving Back

Two things launching today, new website & our giving back initiative.

I've been wanting to redesign the website for awhile now, and I'm finally taking the time to do it!  Let me know what you think about the website.

Something else I've had on my mind is finding a way to give back.  As most of you know, Brendan (my youngest son) was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 3 years ago.  That is why one thing we want to do is donate $3 from every online order to JDRF (Juvenille Diabetes Research Foundation).  

Medical alert jewelry (bracelet, necklace) is very important for anyone to wear.  It alerts emergency medical professionals to any condition you might have, this could mean life or death.  After Brendan was diagnosed, we had a hard time finding jewelry for an 8 year old boy, and what we did find was expensive.  We decided we want to help a family by giving away 3 pieces of jewelry every month.  We will design something special. If you know someone that can benefit from this, have them email me:

I know this doesn't sound like much, we are a small business, and we have to start small. I read something once that talked about giving back.  It doesn't matter how big the donation or the gesture, if everyone did what they could, imagine what the outcome would be!

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