About the designer

I grew up in Town Creek, Alabama. I'm definitely a country girl at heart!  I grew up playing in the mud, playing outside until it was dark, working in our family garden, as well as taking care of animals on our mini farm.

I moved to Madison, AL over 23 years ago.  I have three amazing boys, and a husband who supports all my crazy ideas.  Jewelry is something I've always enjoyed making, gifts for friends & family.  It became a business around 3 years ago.  

Creating is a passion, an art.  For me it helps me escape from the day to day stresses.  Three years ago my youngest, who was 8 at the time was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.  At the time of his diagnosis he was in DKA and was admitted into the critical care unit.  The next month my oldest son (who has Crohn's disease), had a major resection surgery.  As a Mom, the worst feeling in the world is something being wrong with your children, and feeling helpless, because there is nothing you can do about it.  Every night I would be in my garage hammering, torching, engraving.  It took my mind off of everything going on, and if it wasn't for this I'm pretty sure I would have lost my mind. Both my oldest and youngest are doing great now!

I'm very blessed to have an amazing family, and also the opportunity to create unique, beautiful jewelry.  If there is anything I can make for you, just let me know!

Love to all,